iPRODUCE, a European project aimed to bolster a space for collaborative creations in demand-led manufacturing

At the beginning of May, the European project iPRODUCE – coordinated by AIDIMME – held its first plenary session after the pandemic, an encounter which ended with great shareholder satisfaction. It is an ambitious initiative that includes the participation of 20 organisations from seven European countries: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece and Portugal.

The iPRODUCE ‘A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open innovation Missions in Consumer Good Sectors’ project is a European initiative that promotes collaborative creation from design and manufacturing by pro-consumers through an open innovation platform.

The iPRODUCE project’s plenary session took place the 4th, 5th and 6th of May in the Italian city of Rovereto (Trentino). It was the first in-person meeting – after various online meetings – for more than two years and had a very successful outcome. The Italian partners, Tretino Sviluppo, organised the event.

Two parallel sessions

Two parallel sessions were carried out: a more technical one focused on the structure of the data-information exchange model between the different tools that form the platform (related to virtual and augmented reality) and another with a training approach about the viable technology in the field of product co-creation and co-design. Finally, there was an interesting discussion about the platform’s value proposition.

World café at the first iPRODUCE in-person meeting.
The iPRODUCE opening session.

In this regard, iPRODUCE makes progress through the validation and demonstration of five cMDF (collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities) and fifteen practical cases in four consumer-goods subsectors.

The international meeting began with a workshop alongside Italian enterprises, and a presentation about the project’s status from the AIDIMME project coordinator Manuel Sánchez. Due to the hinder caused by the pandemic to completely carry out the use cases proposed in the project, Sánchez explained that an amendment has been proposed to the European Commission which includes – among other requests – a six-month extension.

A very successful ’world café’ was carried out. It was framed within different profiles such as EMS, start-up or maker –among others– to evaluate the utility level of the platform’s innovation space from the user experience perspective.

The conclusions were highly interesting for future developments in the platform’s tools. Moreover, there were some insights on dissemination actions and on the validation of CMDFs (collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities).

It is also important to point out the interesting conclusions reached for future developments in the platform tools. A review of the dissemination actions and of the validations of the cMDFs committees was carried out and the action specifics for the following months were defined.

This initiative is promoted by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 ‘Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering’ framework call.

iPRODUCE Workshop

On the 19th of May, there will be a workshop in the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny in Valencia, organised by AIDIMME and FabLab Vlc Océano Naranja, addressed to students from the Master’s Degree in Creativity and Product Development and from the specialty area of product design where new advances in the European project iPRODUCE will be presented along with the current developed tools.


Project Number: 21900009
Grant Agreement: 870037
Duration: From 01/01/2020 to 30/06/2023

Coordinated in AIDIMME by: NÚÑEZ ARIÑO, Mª JOSÉ

For further information, contact AIDIMME.

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